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Chinese Name           蒋子航 (Zihang Jiang)

English Name           Fred Jiang

Hometown                Yueqing ,Zhejiang, China

School                        NUS

Status                          Ph.D.

Github                          zihangJiang

current CV                download

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My favorite

favorite subject in math

Algebra is one of the broad parts of mathematics. It is the art of thinking. You'll be attracted by its beauty


favorite subject in computer science

The first creature in the world didn't have eyes, so does computer. But its vision developed later, so will computer.

Computer vision

favorite programming language

Why python? Python is powerful... and fast;plays well with others;runs everywhere;is friendly & easy to learn;is Open;has endless possibilities.


favorite Software

As its name suggest, it allows you test whatever you want about math and the relavent field



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